I’m A Journalist At Heart,
So It’s The Story That Matters

– Robert Harris, Best-Selling Novelist

Randi Druzin

Since starting her career in journalism two decades ago, founder Randi Druzin has worked at the National Post, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and other major media outlets. She has also written for many publications, including The New York Times, The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star. She is the author of two best-selling books.

Since 2015, Randi has been using her storytelling skills to help corporate clients build their brands. She launched Page One a year later, and now produces content in collaboration with a cameraman, a video editor and a graphic artist.

For more on Randi’s work as a journalist and author, please go to: www.druzin.com

What clients have to say...

Randi wrote several blog posts for us that were informative and engaging. They gained significant traction on social media. She also wrote some sponsored content that made a big impact. Randi is a talented professional who is easy to work with. I highly recommend her services.

Sebastian de KloetCorporate Development Manager of Beleave, licensed cannabis producer

Randi is a talented story-teller. My business is a geared to helping small businesses and not-for-profit organizations tell their stories and grow to be larger enterprises. The writing that she has done for Telescope Brand Vision was on point and infused with the power to inform and astonish the reader. I look forward to collaborations in the future.

Phillip NewsomePrincipal Adviser, Telescope Brand Vision

I asked Randi to write the biography page on my law practice web site. With very little direction, she produced clearly written and engaging material. I later asked her to write a brochure to use in my campaign to be a Toronto city councillor. I was pleased with her work on that, too. I'm looking forward to working with Randi again.

Sam GoldsteinCriminal Lawyer, Trials & Appeals

Randi was introduced to me by a colleague. We needed her to help write a press release for a new show we are producing, under a very tight deadline, with no direction, and very little information on the project itself. Her communication was efficient and friendly, and she turned around a tight, effective, extremely well-written release in very little time. She was self-sufficient and professional, which was exactly what our busy company needed. You need her!

Lani MilsteinGeneral Manager, Starvox Entertainment

I hired Randi to write a sports essay for one of our high school English resources. I had very specific needs. For instance, the essay needed to be organized in a compare and contrast structure and include statistics, researched quotations, etc. Oh, and I wanted the essay to really engage and grab high school students. Randi wrote an exceptional essay that covered everything I had requested. And I’ve already heard from some high school teachers that the essay is a hit with their students.

Sandra McTavishLiterary Publisher, School Group, McGraw-Hill Education

Randi has written two cover stories for us, for different advertising sections. Her work has been extremely thorough and very well written. We will definitely be using her for future assignments.

Andrew WaiserSales Promotion Manager, Hockey News

Randi approached every project with enthusiasm and devotion to reader and client. She was great at bringing narrative elements to the forefront of a story. She was also good with deadlines and revisions. Working with her felt like working with a team member.

Carlo AmmendoliaFormer Content Director at Mediaplanet